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We are excited to introduce you to the Small Business Growth Fund

We hope that our mission of providing micro-grants to deserving entrepreneurs might be in alignment with your interests.

WHAT:  Granting of funds ($50-$5000) to approved small business owners who demonstrate:

  1. Need for a specific purpose (e.g. purchase/repair of needed equipment, payment for needed administrative/tax/legal services, continuing/vocational education or training, new advertising/operational opportunities)

  2. A plan timeline for successful achievementof purpose

  3. Eventual proof of completion of purpose and funds used towards purpose

  4. Receipt to be reimbursed for activity already completed (purchase of equipment/supplies, tuition paid)

  5. Plan for sustained effective small business operation that adds value to community

WHO:  Founded by Cheri and Christina Grimm. After witnessing the struggle of small business owners to stay afloat in challenging times, the administration of this fund is part of their mission to give back to their community and to qualified entrepreneurs.

WHEN:  Grants of $50-5000 are given out at the end of each quarter. We also have a separate Emergency Fund goal of $5000. Emergency funds  are available to deserving small businesses in urgent need. Emergency funds can be given out within days of the application submission.

APPLICANTS:  The funds are awarded following an application process. Open to all small business owners in the Tri-County area regardless of age, gender, or ethnic background. Diversity is welcome. Announcement of awardees is made on the organization’s website, via their quarterly newsletter, and via social media announcements.

DONORS:  The Small Business Growth Fund is funded entirely by donations from individuals, families, organizations and “In honor of” contributions.

Donations of any size are welcome and will receive a Thank You letter and receipt stating the Federal ID number. The Small Business Growth Fund is a  501(c)(3) that follows the regulations governing non-profits.

Our Legacy Donors are those who have donated $5000 or more. Legacy Donors are invited to send us their logo so we may celebrate them on our website’s home page.

WHY:  If you’ve ever wondered how you can show your support for entrepreneurs who show a proven need for financial help and a willingness/commitment to show the funds were used for an identified purpose, you’re in the right place.

The Small Business Growth Fund is operated by Cheri and Christina Grimm, who have 30+ years of experience as bookkeepers. (We will send quarterly reports of exactly how and where the funds are being allocated and used to any Legacy Donor who would like to see that information.)  You can trust that all state and national regulations and ordinances will be followed in the operation of this non-profit.

If you feel inclined to support this cause financially, or if you know anyone who might be, you are welcome to click on any of the “Donate” buttons on this website. 

Or, if you’d like to share the news of the fund within your community, professional association, or service club, please do so.  Also, Christina is an excellent public speaker, and would be happy to speak on this topic at your organization’s meeting.  Feel free to make that request by emailing us at 

We welcome grant applicants and appreciate your initiative in helping us get the word out about this program that could be a godsend to talented entrepreneurs going through a tough time.

We look forward to hearing from you. We appreciate any and all support – financial, marketing, etc. Thank you!


GRANT GOAL BY SEPT. 30 = $2500

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